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Are aliens real – true or false

July 7th, 2009

Are aliens real? This is one question that has diverse answers. Some say that they do not and it is just a myth whereas, many believe that they do exist. Movies like Star trek, Independence Day, Taken, Species etc. force us to believe that there is something like the aliens. It is proved that there are other planets as well that exist but, still scientists are yet to prove whether there is life on those planets or not. Till then this question remains unanswered, are aliens real?

We hear stories about UFO’s (Unidentified flying object), Aliens and think that there are aliens but, NASA has denied it. They claim that there aliens don’t exist as; there is no proof that any alien has visited the earth till now. But, most astrobiologists foresee billions of inhabited planets, most of them filled with intelligent creatures. Though, no one has found any evidence of any life, even microbes, on other planets but, no one has even proved that there is no life on them, which makes everyone think about the life on other planets.
If we talk about the famous Egyptian pyramids, then most of the scientists wont believe that it has anything to do with the aliens but, the historians and architects understands how they were build. It is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one that still stands. The ancient Egyptians were as smart as we are now and they had the excess food productivity to allow the construction of many such labor intensive monuments in the Nile valley over two thousand years. In short it is just considered as fairy tales by many scientists.

More than that, there is not even a single evidence of a photograph that tells that there is a face on the planet Mars There is just a picture of a mesa, which is when viewed under the right light at low resolution looks like a face. The pictures that are displayed on the various search engines are another example of mesa or the creativity of various people. Most people think are aliens real, after looking on those pictures and various fake videos and they are forced to believe that there is something related to the extraterrestrial life.
There are many books written by various authors on the existence of the aliens. These books tells about the life on other planets, existence of extraterrestrial life on them and also about the live experiences of people who have actually seen the UFO’s or aliens. After reading books like these you will think at least for once that aliens are real. There are various websites on the internet that has the footages and videos related to the aliens, whether real or fake.

Alien- people of other world

February 18th, 2009

As children, many a times seeing the alien movies like Star Trek, Independence Day, Taken, Species, etc. we often were forced to believe that there are in fact others amongst us who belong to the other planet and are aliens. We would see them in the numerous movies and the programs and slowly start believing about them. For many it was a reality that they believed and for many others a story that was created to gain attraction of people. But was this just a myth that many people actually believed? Do Aliens really exist on earth?
These are a few questions that most of us are forced to think about after the various reports of people being taken away by the flying object which are known as the alien ships. There have been a number of stories related to the aliens that have surfaced in the recent times. Many even started believing the stories about these UFO’s and their inhabitants due to the various news and proofs that were constantly gained and researched by the scientists of the various countries.
Aliens are people who are unknown to us and stay in the other planets. There have been various researches on if there is life on other planets apart from earth, but the results have been very discouraging and so, there are no proofs of any life on the other planets and thus of aliens. However, with the passing times there still will be researches done on the aliens and their existence amongst us.

Meaning of Alien

February 16th, 2009

Whenever we listen the word “Alien” from somewhere, it directly relates our mind to other planet. We can say this because Alien is a person who comes from a foreign world or someone who doesn’t owe allegiance to our country.

Some people think that Aliens come from other planets and are something unfamiliar or very different from us. Aliens are not less than a thing of magic. There are various movies based on the Aliens in the Hollywood as well as in Bollywood such as “Alien” by Ridley Scott received an Academy Award for Visual Effects and also Hindi movie “Koi Mil Gya” directed by Rakesh Roshan; are putting their all focus on Aliens only. Both movies introduce Aliens as a magic to the kids.

Everyone find that there is something special; there is something curious about Aliens. About their life, about their homes and many more things that we want to know eagerly. We are ready to collect large sum of information about the aliens, but I think we firstly need to know that Do Aliens really exist or not? Thinking about aliens is like that we are living with a fake or false understanding in our minds regarding them. Aliens are birth of our thinking or these are real images that land on this earth. Children use to play different games related to Aliens. But the question is that- Are they really aware about the image named as Alien. Suppose, Aliens exist in reality then the other question rise that they are our friends or enemies. Movies and fictions related to Aliens clears the answer of this question also that they are our friends. According to these movies, Aliens survive on the Solar Energy which means energy of Sun or Sunlight is food for Aliens just like batteries of our solar gadgets.

Aliens are in the news, in the media. We have heard that Aliens visited our world. Apart from these stories by different people from the different nooks of the world, it is also true that whenever we find an unidentified object those seen in the night sky or any thing that is not easy to recognize is named as Alien. Some people speculated Aliens as stars.

Term UFO is also related to Aliens which means Unidentified Flying Objects. These flying objects are space crafts of Aliens just like our planes. Mostly UFO’s are disc shaped or look like umbrella. Some people say that UFO’s come out from the ground but don’t you think that how’s it possible because these objects are flying objects and that need to be come from the sky.

Lots of confusions, tons of controversies; this is the story of Aliens. I do really want to know about the real facts and need an answer to my question that “where are Aliens?”